The Project Blogs

Links to the project blogs are below.  These blogs are about the collaboration between two individuals with different skills and kinds of insight, different priorities and sensitivities.  They are not about a ‘finished article’ necessarily, but are about process.  Bloggers may post independently or write jointly.  They may converse, discuss, disagree, document or comment, voice experience or capture moments or issues.  They may document as little or as much as they wish; indeed, as time allows.

Gerry Loose and Eric Neilson are collaborating at one of the RSPB’s reserves on the Solway Coast, and their blog is named for the location: Mersehead

Lucy Burnett and Jim Rae are collaborating at the Lockerbie Wildlife Trust’s reserve: Eskrigg

Debbie Parke and Em Strang are collaborating at various locations on the River Nith.  Their blog is entitled Nith Riveries.


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